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May 21, 2023

21May2023: Last 6 mo&Learn to Program by Chris Pine

Written by Catt Tung - 3 minute read

Ok it's been half a year, again, since I've come on to post. On one hand I feel bad, on the other hand I was so stacked out at work it was unbelievable. And now back to the Dojo. What have I done and learnt in the last 6 months though? I'm not sure a...

November 3, 2022

3Nov2022: JS Code Challenge, Hackathon at work

Written by Catt Tung - 3 minute read

It has been such a busy time; are Bostonians always so busy and so on it? It's almost a year since I've moved to Boston, which feels crazy because I feel like I've barely touched my toes into the dev world and having a technical job, but at the same ...

September 16, 2022

16Sep2022: JS Challenge to get me into the weekend

Written by Catt Tung - 2 minute read

Been an incredibly busy week at work this week. I actually used my first Python SDK - we were taking excel spreadsheets with data (eg. contacts) and uploading it to our clients' accounts on our platform. This is the first time I really had to clean u...

September 10, 2022

10Sep2022: The Return

Written by Catt Tung - 1 minute read

I have finally returned and made my first real commits in a month+...what happened? I definitely lost my way and was wrapped up with so much that studying has become secondary. I work full time now so I don't know if I can daily be able to code but c...

July 2, 2022

2Jul2022: Data Structures

Written by Catt Tung - 2 minute read

Today I completed the section with several exercises with arrays from The Self-Taught Computer Scientist - it's a bit confusing doing arrays in Python - the difference mentioned is that an array in Python is homogenous (must all be the same data type...

July 1, 2022

1Jul2022: CS50

Written by Catt Tung - 1 minute read

I typed a beautiful [very long] post about a bunch of things I studied today and hit Publish but it neither published nor saved...and I did not stop it fast enough to CTRL C my whole post but well. Bugs. So here's the short version. I studied CS50 to...

June 29, 2022

29Jun2022: Dungeons and Dragons API call React SPA

Written by Catt Tung - 2 minute read

Today I spent a lot of time coding React apps, continuing from yesterday building out a single page application with using react-router-dom to render different pages dynamically (instead of having multiple views). I really enjoyed building out two ap...

June 28, 2022

28Jun2022: React Client Side Routing

Written by Catt Tung - 1 minute read

I literally was so focused and sucked in on coding projects today that I forgot to sit down to write! I was basically practicing creating SPAs and the kind of “fake routing” React does with the virtual DOM rendering, re-practicing how to do routing a...

June 27, 2022

27Jun2022: Arrays, API calls practice

Written by Catt Tung - 1 minute read

Today I spent a lot of time coding - I was playing around with an API and remembering how to use React to make public API calls. I was combing through many of the React apps we built in General Assembly and I realize there are actually so many ways t...

June 26, 2022

26Jun2022: Data Structures, Party Overflow

Written by Catt Tung - 1 minute read

Party Overflow Again today I worked on Party Overflow - I really like going through all the components again and remembering what building an app looks like (this one also happens to be the classic MERN stack). I built out more of the Create Post fun...

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